Oliver Stone Has Empathy For Stalin, Mao and Hitler

by Lee Doren on January 11, 2010

Leave it to Oliver Stone to show empathy for those who deserve none of it. Sadly, I thought it could not get any worse after I saw Stone shaking hands with Hugo Chavez and claiming to make a movie supporting the Dictator. But, now he wants to surpass his previous insanity. Now, he plans to make a 10-hour documentary of revisionist history to understand the “other side” of Stalin, Hitler and Mao. Why not the “other side” of the gulags and gas chambers?

Evidently, Stone believes that the three men who are responsible for the worst atrocities the world has ever seen should be afforded sympathy. According to Stone’s warped philosophy, we should empathize with people we hate. Actually, that is completely ludicrous.

I have an idea: We should hate evil people like Mao, Stalin and Hitler and be happy that they are dead.

The worst aspect of Stone’s philosophy is that people who show mercy to evil people like these madmen will inevitably be cruel to good people (I think I’ve heard Dennis Prager say this, but cannot honestly remember). For the record, there were intellectuals who empathized with these dictators when they were still alive, and are indirectly responsible for the genocide of millions. How about we start looking at history from an objective viewpoint, where Hitler, Stalin and Mao are mass-murdering thugs who deserve to be vilified forever?

My video, along with other news commentary can be seen below. Please make sure to click this link to rate the video when you are done. Thanks.

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