Why is a Radical Environmentalist Group Sponsoring the National Tea Party Convention?, UPDATE: FAIR Is No Longer a Sponsor

by Lee Doren on January 12, 2010

Eric Erickson of Redstate.com has recently expressed his concerns regarding the National Tea Party Convention, an event where Sarah Palin will be the keynote speaker. Well, this afternoon I came across another issue that has not been noticed by anyone, and needs to be dealt with immediately.  It turns out that The Federation for American Immigration Reform (“FAIR”) is a Bronze cosponsor of the Convention.  This is unacceptable under any circumstances.

Now, I know from the sound of group’s title, one might think that FAIR is an ordinary anti-illegal immigration group. Alternatively, one may think that FAIR is an anti-immigration group (a position I do not support). However, one would be wrong with both guesses because FAIR is neither type of organization.  Instead, FAIR is a radical Malthusian population control group masquerading as a conservative non-profit.

Yes, that’s right: An organization sponsoring the National Tea Party Convention advocates reducing population size to save the environment.  Among its reading list, we see wonderful works like, “The Case For Fewer People: The Negative Population Growth (NPG).” Also, just in case you’re not up-to-date on the Zero Population Growth (ZPG) and Negative Population Growth (NPG) movements, they both advocate reducing the world’s population, and birthrate.

After reading this, feel free to browse FAIR’s website with a vomit bag next to you.  I’d suggest starting slow with its positions on urban sprawl and working your way to where they talk about how, “Population growth is the main impediment to the achievement of our environmental goals.”

Folks, let me be clear: FAIR is a radical front group that has as much to do with liberty and the Tea Parties as the Politbureau. For the sake of the entire movement, FAIR needs to be removed from any and all sponsorships and banned from the Convention.  Please let people know that FAIR is not what it claims to be.

UPDATE: FAIR is no longer a sponsor.

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