Twitter is Saving Lives in Haiti, Amazing!

by Lee Doren on January 13, 2010

Unless you have no access to the media, you know by now that Haiti had a massive Earthquake. Even worse, the death toll is enormous, and the Red Cross is running out of supplies. Still, there is some good news despite the horror people have witnessed.

I was amazed to learn today that Twitter, a social network that most people use for entertainment, is actually being used to save lives. It turns out that thousands of people are messaging one another to inform others how to contribute to the Red Cross and other organizations. In fact, according to Jake Tapper, already $800,000 was raised in 24 hours from text messaging alone!

As much as people trash pop culture and Twitter, it is amazing how these social mediums can instantly be turned into causes for good. Iran was one example during the recent protests, and now it looks like Twitter can be employed rapidly to send relief during a time of crisis.

My video from today is below. Please rate the video when you are done watching it on YouTube. Thanks.

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