Danny Glover Skipped Science Class

by Lee Doren on January 15, 2010

It was bad enough when environmentalists asserted that there would be an increase in hurricanes due to our use of fossil fuels. All it took for this theory to be debunked was a quick look at the data to observe a decrease in hurricanes.  Today, however, it appears that climate change can be blamed on any event where more than 1000 people die.

Now, Danny Glover, in his infinite wisdom, decided to blame the recent earthquake in Haiti on Global Warming, and a lack of agreement in Copenhagen.  No wonder this man is treated as a “useful idiot” (a term coined by Lenin) when he goes down to Venezuela to praise the newest dictator of the South, Hugo Chavez.  Evidently, neither Glover nor Pat Robertson, as I mentioned in my recent video, understand the concept of tectonic plates.  What a sad state of affairs.

As an aside, here is my recent video with some other news items.  Please rate it on YouTube.  Thanks.

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