Cindy Sheehan Protesting Outside Dick Cheney’s Home?

by Lee Doren on January 16, 2010

Evidently, Cindy Sheehan has learned from experience: If you want to get in the news for protesting against the War in Iraq or Afghanistan, make sure you are also protesting against George W. Bush or Dick Cheney. This says nothing about the merits of her position, or whether or not America should be fighting these wars. Instead, it demonstrates the media template regarding what protests are newsworthy.

For example, when George W. Bush was President, and Cindy Sheehan wanted to protest outside of his ranch with less than 100 people, the media was there and gave her a huge public platform. However, once Barack Obama became President, Charles Gibson told Cindy Sheehan, “Enough Already.” Moreover, this probably explains why I haven’t seen Cindy in the news, until today.

Today, the Washington Post, via the Associated Press, decided to put Cindy back in the spotlight. Why? (Note: the Washington Post Link just broke March 24, 2010 so I provided a Huffington Post link)

Well, she’s back to her old ways, protesting outside of Dick Cheney’s home. We learn from the article that she wants to stop drone strikes against al-Qaida and Taliban targets. Again, forget about the merits of her arguments; my point is that the Washington Post and Associated Press suddenly decided to cover her protest, despite the fact that Dick Cheney has no power to send anyone to War, and no power of the purse to fund it either.

Yes, what Cindy realizes is that a protest does not occur unless someone hears its message. She knows that if she attacks Dick Cheney, she can accomplish that goal.

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