Scott Brown Wins!

by Lee Doren on January 19, 2010

Scott Brown just defeated Martha Coakley to win the Massachusetts Senate seat, also known as, “The People’s Seat.”  This is not only a major vindication of the Tea Party movement, but it means that no seat in America is safe for any incumbent.  If an obscure Republican candidate can win Ted Kennedy’s former seat, in a year when the Democrats wanted to “Pass Healthcare for Teddy,” then we can throw all conventional wisdom out of the window.

The only question left is whether this will protect the Democrats from themselves.  It appeared with their huge majority before this election, that there were no breaks on the crazy train going off a cliff.  Moreover, it forced the Democrats to take responsibility for everything in the government.  Now, however, they may be able to point fingers at Republicans for being “unwilling to compromise.”

Nevertheless, if this does put a halt to the big government agenda, that is great news nevertheless, and I’m willing to celebrate momentarily.

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