Only Federalism Can Save the Democrats

by Lee Doren on January 21, 2010

Since Scott Brown won the Massachusetts election, many pundits have been arguing this week what the Democrats must do in Washington.  Some say they should stop pushing policies like Cap-and-Trade and socialized medicine.  Others assert that they have not pushed their progressive agenda hard enough.

However, few people are thinking outside of the box: Instead of solving these difficult problems nationally, Democrats should instead focus their attention on local and State legislatures.

Massachusetts is the perfect example of responsible government experimentation. The people of Massachusetts wanted “Universal Healthcare.” Consequently, they petitioned their local politicians to create a program specifically for them. If it failed (which it has) they would suffer the consequences and not drag the entire country into the disaster. If it worked, they would reap the benefits, and other States would follow their example.

The idea that Democrats must pass, “Universal Healthcare” for the entire Nation with an 1000-page bill is absurd. It would be much easier for the bluest States in the Union to pass some form of healthcare individually. In fact, this is how the legislating in America should work according to the Constitution, which has been living and breathing so long it has lost its breath.

Ironically, the best way to bring the Country together is to divide the Nation by decentralizing its power.  Sadly, I know the Democrats will not take my advice because they are too drunk with power. But, it is simply a fact that only Federalism can save the Democrats.

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