I Won the YouTube State of the Union Contest

by Lee Doren on January 27, 2010

Last week, I submitted a video to be judged in the YouTube State of the Union contest. It was implied that the winner would be featured on the front page of YouTube, which would be great exposure (that is what happens when a video is promoted / spotlighted). Moreover, the only significant rule was that the video had to be less than one minute long.

However, just two days ago I learned that there was a new twist to the contest: Newsweek experts would be responding to the questions and comments. Well, since Newsweek is a left-leaning magazine by its own admission, I was very curious who its “experts” would be. Also, I was concerned how the Newsweek experts would be implemented.

Well, early this morning I found out I had won the video contest. But, instead of my video getting featured on the front page, it was jammed in the middle of a video created by a Keynesian Economics professor, associated with Newsweek. Worse yet, he attacked my video for arguing for less government intervention in the market and he claimed, without any evidence, that America was Laissez faire for too long.

He even had the audacity to blame the economic crisis on greed, which as many have said is like blaming a plane crash on gravity.

While I am grateful that YouTube offered the contest, I may not have made the video to begin with had I known it was just going to be used to attack by a Leftist professor. Here is my video below.

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