Observations of the Washington, D.C. Snowstorm; UPDATE with Video

by Lee Doren on February 6, 2010

Growing up in Buffalo, New York, and living in Ann Arbor and Chicago, I have seen exactly what a bad snowstorm looks like. Frankly, I am not very impressed with the “blizzard” that has shut down Washington, D.C. Honestly, I opened my window this morning and it looked like a typical day growing up back home. Nevertheless, I do have some important observations about the government from this panic.

I am told that the federal government in Washington, DC is shut down as a result of this storm. However, everything else manages to work. There is still food in the grocery stores, and most people went a few days early to prepare for the nonexistent Armageddon.  Consequently, this is a perfect time to debunk the myth that the politicians in Washington “run” the Country. Well, evident from today, that’s clearly not the case.

Instead, private citizens run their own lives and make America work. The politicians in Washington, they just run the government.  Too many people take this fact for granted.


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