Breaking: New Attack Video Against the Tea Party Just Released; UPDATE; UPDATE Back to Public

by Lee Doren on February 11, 2010

UPDATE: The video is currently set to “private,” I’ve seen the video (it was public a few minutes ago). Expect it to go public again very shortly.

UPDATE: The video is back up and can be viewed below.

The newest attack video against the Tea Party was just released 20 minutes ago via The New Left Media. I’ve been documenting the promotion of this video this afternoon to explain how it will go viral this weekend. Our side needs to understand how this whole thing works. Just one of The New Left’s videos had 1.5 Million views on YouTube, not including the video being shown on television.

I will hopefully make a video about it next week outlining the step-by-step process of how the anti-Tea Party message is getting out.  Frankly, the message isn’t rocket science:  They simply go to the Tea Parties, find the “Birthers,” fringe groups or people who are not quite articulate, put it on video, repeat the process.  However, the marketing of the message is a little more elaborate.

Right now it has under 300 views. But, just wait for this weekend. If we spread the message that the video was just released now, we can preempt the Left’s talking points about it next week to mitigate its impact.  The video is below.

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